Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Charter

A 20% deposit is payable in advance with the charter reservation to secure the date(s). The remaining balance of the total amount is payable on the day of the charter and can be paid onboard either by cash or card. However, the balance can be settled prior to the charter if you wish.
We accept deposit payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. A full receipt will be provided and an email sent as confirmation.
If we cancel the charter due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition of the skipper, no boat charter fee is payable & the full deposit is returnable.
If owing to circumstances outside our control, the charter booked or a suitable alternative cannot be provided, a full refund of a Client’s deposit will be offered.
If deteriorating weather conditions force an early return to port, only that portion of the trip spent at sea is chargeable, with any part of an hour counting as 1 hour. It is the discretion of the skipper if no charge is levied.
A decision to return early to port is the skipper’s & his alone. A return at the insistence of the customer qualifies as a complete trip & the full fee is payable.
We reserve the right to alter prices in accordance with any major changes in costs, which may occur between the time of the booking and the time of departure.
We believe that gratuities should be voluntary and based upon the quality of service provided the skipper and/or crew.

Safety procedures must be observed at all times. The Skipper’s decision on the day is final in all matters relating to the vessel.
Instructions or advice given by the Skipper on matters of safety must be observed by all on board.
Clients/ passengers must, at all times, take all reasonable precautions for their own and others safety.
The Skipper or owners will not accept any liability for any accident or injury incurred by any passenger on board the vessel engaged in fishing, angling, sightseeing, photography, filming, whilst in transit or similar activities, caused by the actions of any other passenger on board however occurring.
All children ( U16) must be accompanied by an adult. Groups with large numbers of children will be accepted, but prior discussion is required to ensure that the trip is suitable and the crew are adequately prepared!

We will text the evening before to confirm the trip is on when the skipper has checked that local weather conditions are favourable for the trip to go ahead However, if you do not receive a text by 8pm, please phone 07779 728966 or 01326 377951 (home).

While every reasonable effort will be made to ensure a quality charter for the client, we do not accept any responsibility for any circumstances outside our control, e.g. tides and moon phases, reportedly poor fishing and forecasted weather conditions amongst others.
Clients must refrain from throwing rubbish overboard – the IMO MARPOLE Annex V 73/75 Regulation makes this an offence.
Any breakages, loss of equipment provided or damage caused on board as a result of client’s misbehaviour, irresponsibility or carelessness will be charged to the client.
If any passenger is found to be in possession of anything known to be illegal; or engages in behaviour causing danger to themselves or other persons or property on board – including consumption of alcohol to excess, then he or she will be put ashore at the first opportunity and the Authorities notified as may be necessary.
Conditions at sea can be very changeable and the sun powerful so please ensure you bring appropriate clothing and non-slip, waterproof footwear (no studded boots please).
AngloDawn is a very stable boat but consider taking seasick medication if required.
The owner reserves the right to accept or refuse any charter or individual passenger.