Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing (Late May – October)

The south Cornish Coast offers some of the best shark fishing in Europe.

The main species that can be targeted locally are Blue and Porbeagle Shark. Thresher and Mako have also been caught in these areas, but are less common.

Aboard Anglo Dawn, we specialise in catching these amazing sport fish using relatively light tackle.

This is the nearest that you will get to big game fishing in UK waters. We have caught many specimens over 100lb on 20lb class fishing tackle.

All bait, chum, fishing tackle and tuition is supplied as part of the day.

A typical shark trip usually involves leaving early and steaming to the sharking grounds. Usually we stop on the way for fresh bait to complement the already prepared ground bait mix (aka rubby dubby). This leaves the party as much time as possible for targeting the Shark!

On arrival at the fishing grounds, there is a method of creating a chum trail to attract the sharks. We then set up usually about 4 rods fishing at a variety of depths and distances from the boat. Then the waiting game begins! Sometimes we can see a shark within minutes, other times it takes a bit longer. The anticipation is all part of the sport!

Once a shark takes the bait, this results in the massive excitement of a ‘screaming reel’, somebody will shout ‘fish on’ and the fun begins. The resulting fight has often been known to take half an hour or more. Once the angler has managed to get the upper hand, and has the shark alongside, we then try and land the fish on board. Great effort is made at this stage to handle the shark with respect and care. There is a specially fitted stern door on Anglo Dawn, which allows the landing of very large fish, we can bring them aboard gently and without harm.

We target all sharks on a catch and release basis. Once we have a shark on board the hook (usually barbless) is removed. The specimen is then measured and photographed before being safely returned to the water.

Shark fishing on Anglo Dawn is open to people of all levels of experience. We have had beginners landing the biggest shark of the day as well as seasoned anglers experiencing something different.

The boat is generally chartered on an exclusive basis for shark fishing. We do however try and accommodate individuals where possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get further information.

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